Hiberné is a Swiss streetwear store based in Bellinzona, Switzerland.

The shop is born out of a common passion for fashion that four friends shared

It all started out as a simple idea to collect a shareable collection between the four founders. 

We realized early on the difficulty of gaining access to hyped releases and brands from our geographical position, if not only for the price of shipping some brands won't drop in Switzerland or will drop in a ridiculously limited number. 

We decided to put our common knowledge at work for the local fashion community, that like many other realities in Ticino (our region), is strongly present but not recognized or served properly by the service industry. 

Soon the project was strong enough to be supported by an e-shop and a physical store.


We wish to bring the best at the best prices, keeping in mind that some pieces of our collection are extremely limited and from overseas, we will provide consultation on what is better fit to your pockets or what is better suited for your own style to make it pop out.

We are very proud of what has been achieved so far by Hiberné, we made it on our own without handouts working the clock to make what was needed to start it all.

We are looking forward to the future, to bring you even more exclusives and build something that will last.

 Y D N D S